Vlogbrothers is about 5.75 years old, and they just hit their 1000th video. 

This makes me think about how when American television series hit their 100th episode, they are usually in the second half of their fifth season.

So John and Hank have made 10 times more “episodes” of vlogbrothers than TV shows make in the same amount of time.

American TV Shows do about 20-24 episodes per season. John and Hank averaged 3.3 videos per week x 52 weeks= 173.3 videos/year, about 10 times more than TV shows.

But, It gets more interesting when you consider minutes of content. Every American TV show is either about 22 minutes of content, or about 43 minutes of content. 

Vlogbrothers videos average around the 3.5 minute mark, roughly 10 times less than an average TV show. But they’ve made 10 times more videos.

So Hank and John Green have functionally created as much video content as the writers/producers/camera crew/editors/actors of a TV series on for five years

in the same amount of time

for almost no money

by themselves

while working at other jobs

You can argue about production values, whether their stuff is of the same quality as what’s been on American TV in the past few years, and that short form being easier than long form, etc. 

But it is still darn impresssive, and my hat’s off to both of them.